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    I took this photo back in high school at a place my best friend’s and I called the ‘field of dreams’. So called because we spent many a summer night sitting out there in lawn chairs staring up at the stars and talking for hours while smoking a few b&ms. Some of my best memories from high school were at this place and I honestly think a lot of what was said there has shaped who I am today. It’s crazy to think about the places that hold our stories. This is one of them for me.

    chatting with my brother in law outside tonight and looking up at the stars he commented on how we are so small. it seems cliche but it’s true, our problems are so small in the scheme of things and, as the old saying goes, “worry is a lot like a rocking chair, it will keep you busy but won’t get you anywhere”. so remember to not stress out about things because, in the end, it’s just a waste of what time we have.


    Paolo Fusco - Fiori 24h

    Artist’s statement:

    "Hardly anything is open 24h in Rome: a few bars, a few stores, self service gas stations and flower kiosks, a lot of flower kiosks. You can find them everywhere in the city and they never close. They never close. Their presence has always fascinated me, they seem like sentinels in the quiet roman night, small lighthouses populated by half-asleep immigrant workers. The photos were taken while wondering through the city in search of these islands of light and flowers."

    (via emilysteaparty)

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